Who We Are

Ecologique is a niche player in road haulage. We operate a fleet of brand-new LNG-powered heavy-duty trucks backed by a two year, two hundred thousand kilometres manufacturer’s warranty. By the year 2025, we will have more than four thousand LNG-fuelled trucks in our fleet.

We have a strong management team with local and global experience in road haulage, natural gas markets and logistics digitization technologies.

Reduced emissions, improved efficiency

Ecologique transport solutions enable customers to meet emissions targets at the same or lower cost (than diesel engines) per kilometer.
Our trucks are specially configured to operate in difficult terrain; such as bad road conditions, and we provide detailed non-negotiable specifications on truck components to our manufacturing partners.

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Ethical partnerships and investors

Ecologique helps partners to set up and administer carbon credits programs. We provide solid verifiable data on emissions reductions and work with other parties to analyze, present and publish achievements in emissions reduction programs

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Our Services


At Ecologique Limited, we are committed to providing logistics mobility infrastructure using natural gas fuels to a variety of industries and end-users


We work with manufacturers, haulage and transportation providers to deploy gas-fuelled trucks, buses and other utility vehicles at scale.


We provide innovative logistics management technology which include the use of AI for smart routing. Automated reporting and monitoring tools for customers

Sustainable Mobility for Cargo

Ecologique works with clients to collect and share data on the impact of the introduction of cleaner fuels into the logistics fleet. We help multinationals build out their carbon credits programs in Africa. Our objective is to help manufacturers convert at least 20% of their fleet to cleaner fuels.

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