Embrace a Greener Supply Chain with ECOLOGIQUE

Embrace a Greener Supply Chain with ECOLOGIQUE
Embrace a Greener Supply Chain with ECOLOGIQUE


Transportation and distribution of different types of cargo is a fundamental attribute of human economic activity. The supply chain is the lifeblood of every business and haulage using heavy duty vehicles is a prominent aspect of this chain. Almost every product you use, including the clothes and shoes you are currently wearing, has been on a truck before.

Heavy duty vehicles alone contribute about 5% of global GHG emissions.

Manufacturers have found challenging to reduce the harmful GHG footprint in their supply chain; having achieved some success in manufacturing and other aspects of business.

Ecologique offers more sustainable haulage solutions by deploying natural gas-powered heavy-duty trucks. This fuel eliminates harmful GHGs such as PM, SO2, NOx, and a reduction in Carbon emissions by up to 30%. We use both LNG and CNG; supported by a network of refill stations and mobile refuel units for long-haul cargo trips. The exclusive usage of natural gas (LNG and CNG) fuels leads to drastically reduced emissions at same or lower cost.

There are about 600,000 diesel trucks in Nigeria, and tens of thousands are added yearly because Nigeria is under-trucked. This is all coming at a cost to the environment. Diesel imported into Nigeria is notoriously of a low grade, with astronomic Sulphur content; and often subject to adulteration.

Ecologique works with clients to collect and share data on the impact of the introduction of cleaner fuels into the logistics fleet. We help multinationals build out their carbon credits programs in Africa. Our objective is to help manufacturers convert at least 20% of their fleet to cleaner fuels.

Join us on the journey to reduce the damaging impact of supply chain activity on the environment; while doing good and sustainable business at the same time.

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