The use of LNG for fuel reduces carbon emissions by at least 30%, NOx by 80%, and eliminates SO2 and PM completely. Given the preponderance of low-grade, high sulphur diesel in Africa, LNG provides a much more much environmentally friendly option.

CFOs are now compelled to make provisions for carbon taxes in many countries. For instance, France-based companies are expected to make provisions of fifty-five Euros per metric tonne. This could amount to about eleven thousand dollars per vehicle for a forty-tonne truck that clocks fifty thousand kilometres and emits about 201 metric tonnes of carbon per year.

Companies can save millions of dollars of carbon taxes by using natural gas fuels. In the coming years, activists, investors and the general public will be paying closer attention to business practices of the biggest and most established manufacturers. It is also expected that there will be closer scrutiny of their overseas operations; particularly in places like Africa and Southeast Asia.

Ecologique provides an opportunity for manufacturers to drastically reduce provisions made for carbon taxes